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News From John W. Miller II

Companies are slow to adopt telehealth but future growth is anticipated

Only two percent of practices surveyed make telehealth a regular offering, and 83 percent have no telehealth offerings at all. Sterling Principal John...  Read Full Story >>

ICD-10 has Great Potential According to Sterling Risk Index of the Health Care Industry

Just 18% of businesses surveyed said new coding regulations have increased their revenue Sterling Principal John Miller highlights the results of the ...  Read Full Story >>

ED Peer Review Information Can Land in Plaintiff Attorney's Hands

Is an ED reviewing data on unplanned return visits, patient complaints, or complications as part of the department's peer review process? If an EP come...  Read Full Story >>

Did Emergency Room Patient Refuse Admission? This Documentation Is Essential

In the October issue of ED Legal Letter, written for emergency room doctors and directors, John Miller of Sterling Risk Advisors tackles a thorny issue...  Read Full Story >>

John Miller Talks With News Radio 106.7 About Recent Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare

Sterling Risk Advisors' Principal John Miller talked recently with WYAY Radio/NewsRadio 106.7 about the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare in ...  Read Full Story >>

Social Media Can Lead to Suits Against EP for Malpractice, Civil Defamation

Sterling Risk Advisors' John Miller was quoted in an article this month in the ED Legal Letter, talking about how social media can lead to suits a...  Read Full Story >>

ED Medical Directors Face Some Unique Legal Risks

Sterling Risk Advisors' principal John Miller writes in the October edition of the ED Legal Letter about the liability risks that emergency physic...  Read Full Story >>

Risk and Liability Issues to Consider When Taking a Medical Director Position

John Miller provides great advice on a few things physicians may want to think about before accepting a Medical Directorship position in the ...  Read Full Story >>

Where the hot jobs are

Sterling Risk Advisors' John Miller quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on in-demand skills in the insurance industry: AJC A...  Read Full Story >>

Consent Refused? Take Appropriate Action

Sterling Risk Advisors' John Miller quoted in August issue of Physician Risk Management and advises Physician's to be aware of their obligati...  Read Full Story >>

Negative online review of MD? Keep legal risks front of mind

Sterling Risk Advisors' John Miller quoted in May issue of Physician Risk Management on why MD's should think twice before responding to negative ...  Read Full Story >>

Translation shortcuts might get you sued

Sterling Risk's John Miller quoted in Physician Risk Management's February 2013 issue. The article discusses the legal risks associated with using unt...  Read Full Story >>

Medical Economics Money Management Q&A With John Miller

Sterling Risk Advisors' John Miller tackles several timely risk management topics impacting physicians practices in the March 10th issue of Medical Eco...  Read Full Story >>

Medical Director Liability Q&A with John Miller

Expert advice on possible exposures and how to ensure you are covered properly. February 10th edition of Medical Economics...  Read Full Story >>

The Perils of Vicarious Liability

John Miller discusses why you may be responsible for the professional actions of the physicians with whom you share space  Medical Economics Artic...  Read Full Story >>

Medical Economics: John Miller discusses requirements for non-English speaking patients

Medical Economics Article...  Read Full Story >>

Money Management Q&A With John Miller

Under What Circumstances Should I Consider Having My Employees Sign A Hold Harmless Agreement?  John Miller, Principal of Sterling Risk Advisors, ...  Read Full Story >>

Advocating for the Physicians: Misperceptions about Malpractice are a Concern.

Risks of Lawsuits affect cost of care. Misperceptions about malpractice are a concern. AJC Article...  Read Full Story >>

Shopping for Malpractice Insurance? Learn from the Experts

If you want to get the right coverage, there's much more to consider than price. Shopping for Malpractice Insurance? Learn from the Experts Medical Ec...  Read Full Story >>

Client Advisory: Change in the Consent to Treatment Law

Client Advisory: Change in the Consent to Treatment Law. Article by Sterling Risk Advisors...  Read Full Story >>

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